The Nobleton church has a capacity for 125 and parking for 75 cars.   Our facilities include, wheelchair accessibility, new washrooms and upgraded kitchen facilities making the space ideal for receptions, business meetings, family celebrations etc.

Rates and availability upon request. Please contact the church office.


Members of Nobleton United, church organizations and designated outreach* groups may use the church facilities.  Fees (which may be dependent on duration of rental) could include:

  1. the cost of a custodian for set-ups and cleanup.

  2. security costs

  3. a minimum set fee for certain events, like small recitals.

  4. There are also occasions when Nobleton United members use a room for a small non-church gathering and we ask that an appropriate donation to the church be made.

*An outreach activity (or group) is related to work deemed to encourage/support the mission of Nobleton United Church as determined by the Property Committee.


Individuals and organizatons with no direct association with the church pay a very reasonable charge based on the type of usage.  For this group there may be additional costs for

  1. providing entrance access

  2. security

  3. use of church-owned furniture and equipment

  4. cleaning, etc.

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