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The history of the congregation of Schomberg United Church began as the first Wesleyan Methodist Church which was formed in Brownsville in 1848. With true missionary zeal, those first Methodists, in co-operation with the New Connection Church, initiated a joint Christian Education facility. The Union Sabbath School of Brownsville opened in May of 1856. The Sabbath School and Sunday Church Services were held in a low-ceilinged, one-roomed building that stood on the Main Street which, in more recent times, was the location of the home of the late Mrs. Orma West.

Later, the New Connection Church was built almost on the site of the present Presbyterian Church. Sometime later, the Wesleyan Methodists built the church building that is now the Masonic Hall. The Sabbath School held their meetings in the upper part of the Temperance Hall, which stood where the present Community Hall now stands. During the pastorate of The Reverend William Hill in the New Connection Church, the two congregations united. The Wesleyan Methodist church building was sold to the Masonic Lodge, and in 1880 the New Connection Church was sold to the Baptist congregation.

A new Church was built for this amalgamated congregation, in 1880-1881, on the present site on Church Street, and was formally opened in March 1881, with the Reverend David Cattanach as Pastor. About the year 1901, the congregation of the Methodist Church in Lloydtown closed their building, and they too, joined with the congregation on Church Street. The photo on the front of this insert was taken in 1928 by Mr. Herbert Sawden, the father of Mrs. Doris Winter. It depicts the actual appearance of the building as first designed.

In June 1925, the Methodist Church of Canada, together with the Congregational Church, and many of the Presbyterian Churches in Canada, formed a Union now known as the United Church of Canada. This Church was part of that Union.

In 1948 the church building was remodeled, changing the steeple and basement. In 1964, the United Church Women (U.C.W.) was formed; uniting the Women’s Association (W.A) and the Women’s Missionary Society (W.M.S)

In 1964, the Church Sanctuary was remodeled during the pastorate of the Reverend Gordon T. Elliott, and under the direction of a Building Committee chaired by William Hammett.

In 1996, our new Church extension added new church offices and meeting rooms, and a wheelchair accessible washroom. On the lower level, it provided an enlarged Sunday School facility, new kitchen, washroom and a new furnace.


In 2015, after much discernment, the congregation decided to sell the church building. Proceeds from the building sale will be used to create a legacy for funding community programs for youth and seniors.

0n April 10, 2016 a final service of building decommissioning and celebration was held in the Schomberg United Church at 31 Church Street.  Communion was held with lots of singing, and many memories were shared by a full church congregation during the service and over lunch. It was a joyful service in the beloved old church building.

The Schomberg United Church congregation was welcomed by the Anglican churchwarden Chris Crocombe, to St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church at 116 Church Street.  After the service, the Christ candle was carried by lantern to their new home.

The United Church building will continue to be used for worship by the purchaser, Saint I. Tesviteanul Romanian Orthodox Church (from Aurora).