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Carol-Ann Chapman began serving Nobleton and Schomberg congregations in February 2017. She completed her Master of Divinity degree at Emmanuel College in May. She began her career as an Early Childhood Educator for the Region of Peel and went on to provide private daycare and support for children with Autism. She also spent several years employed as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at an Anglican church where she participated on the board and in several committees. As a “mature” student she continued her academic journey by completing a certificate in Child Abuse Studies, a Diploma in Social Work and her BA in Social Development Studies. She began feeling a strong call to ordained ministry in 2001 and through many twists and turns came to us as Nobleton and Schomberg’s appointed minister. She anticipates ordination with the United Church of Canada in May 2018.

A Message from Our Minister

Over the last few months I’ve had the honor of serving at Nobleton and Schomberg churches. I’ve enjoyed attending Messy Church, a monthly event geared to young children and families, but people of all ages are welcome. The night includes activities, an active story and a simple meal. It is an alternative way of doing church, from the traditional Sunday service.

We’ve established a new rhythm to Sunday services, where we are including some new music, and some videos. I’ve found the congregants of both churches to be receptive to change…which is a breath of fresh air. On Father’s day we will be having an all Beatle’s service. This summer we will be having Sunday services throughout the summer in Nobleton at 11:15a.m. (with the exception of July 23 and Aug 27.) In Schomberg we will be having a BBQ service on Wednesday evenings in July, and Sundays during August at 9:30. Services during the summer will be about ½ an hour with the opportunity for discussion and community building immediately following.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know people in the community. I’ve met business owners, artists, community volunteers, youth and long-time members all of who have interesting stories to tell. I look forward to meeting some more people as the year progresses, especially at the upcoming Victoria Day festivities.

I continue to believe that we are called to spread the love of God as taught by Jesus, throughout the community. One of my recent sermons repeated the following mantra from a Spoken Word video; “To be Known is to be Loved, To Be Loved is to be Known.” Let’s get to really know one another, because when we do we are living out the kingdom of God.

Blessings to you, and know you are loved.


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