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Carol-Ann Chapman began serving Nobleton and Schomberg congregations in February 2017. She completed her Master of Divinity degree at Emmanuel College in May. She began her career as an Early Childhood Educator for the Region of Peel and went on to provide private daycare and support for children with Autism. She also spent several years employed as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at an Anglican church where she participated on the board and in several committees. As a “mature” student she continued her academic journey by completing a certificate in Child Abuse Studies, a Diploma in Social Work and her BA in Social Development Studies. She began feeling a strong call to ordained ministry in 2001 and through many twists and turns came to us as Nobleton and Schomberg’s appointed minister. She anticipates ordination with the United Church of Canada in May 2018.

A Message from Our Minister

The last couple of weeks have been difficult for many across Canada. On April 6 a bus full of young hockey players and their supporters from Humboldt Saskatchewan were on the way to a playoff game in Nipiwin. The bus and its riders never made it to their destination. 16 were killed and the others injured. The, town, the province, the country and the world have been grief stricken by this tragedy, how can anyone make sense of such loss of life? Young people with bright futures gone in an instant with family and friends left to pick up the pieces.

Then this week a lone driver ran down people indiscriminately in a neighbourhood in Toronto, only a 30 minute drive from Nobleton. As I write this, the details are still scarce. Not everyone has been identified.   It is another tragedy that has had affects both locally and globally. Things like this don’t happen in Canada do they?

Such tragedies can make one question things like faith and God, but they also can make one see the hope in humanity; in God’s created.

After what happened to the Humboldt Broncos there was an outpouring of support that was phenomenal. A GoFund me account received over $15 million to go to help those directly affected by the tragedy. Individuals came from all over to funerals and memorials to offer their support. Those who could not be present offered their support by wearing jerseys and placing hockey sticks outside their front doors. As difficult as the circumstances, as deep the grief, the Humboldt community was given a clear message that there were thousands…perhaps millions of people who were grieving with them and they were not alone.

In the past two days social media has been stormed by the hashtag “TorontoStrong” as a show of support. We are hearing of the heroism displayed by those who witnessed the murder of several people…the officer who showed restraint arresting the accused without incident…Rob Greco, who held the hand of Anne Marie D’Amico during her last moments, the many first responders who made the difference between life and death…as well as many others. It is in these people we can find hope.

We cannot possibly explain why such tragedies occur but we can see the light of goodness that shines in such times. It is this kind of love in action that Jesus demonstrated and what it means to live out the Kingdom of God, here and now. We will all continue to process and grieve these tragedies in ways that are meaningful to us. One of the ways I did at Nobleton United was to display a sign indicating I was praying for all affected. It is at these times that the Church community is one place to look for comfort and support. If you think that talking to someone else who feels this loss will help, please feel free to contact me for a chat.

God Bless,


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